Costa Rica Marsellesa Coffee


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Costa Rica Marsellesa from Finca La Candelilla is a special coffee varietal that has a unique history and a distinctive taste. Marsellesa is a hybrid of the Villa Sarchi and Caturra varieties, and it is known for its sweet and fruity flavor notes. This coffee varietal has a fascinating history that dates back to the 1950s when a group of Costa Rican coffee experts set out to create a new coffee varietal that was resistant to rust disease and produced a high yield of coffee beans. The result was Marsellesa, which has since become a beloved and highly sought-after coffee varietal.Finca La Candelilla is a small family-owned farm that has deep roots in Costa Rica's coffee production history. The farm opened in 2000 and has grown to be one of the largest farms in the country. They are recognized as one of the first micro mills in Costa Rica, which is a family or community of coffee cherry processing stations. The micro mill at Finca La Candelilla is known for its high-quality processing methods that enhance the flavor and quality of their coffee beans.This year marks a new chapter for Finca La Candelilla as a new generation is now running the micro mill. Ricardo Sanchez JR. is overseeing the farm, bringing his own passion and ideas to continue the family legacy. The farm is committed to sustainability and ethical practices, and they work closely with their community to support local initiatives. Certifications: Kosher Certified Direct Trade Varietal: Marsellesa Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Silky Body, Fruity Roast: Medium Roast Processing: Natural Process Coffee Drying: Africa Raised Beds Farm: Finca La Candellila Country: Costa Rica Region: Tarrazu, San Marcos