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Best Organic Bundle – Large

Perdue Farms Organic Bundle – Large

Organic Bundle - Large

Perdue Farms

Get Perdue Farms high-quality chicken, pork, steak, and Organic Bundle – Large. Sign up on the email list for a gift and a discount. Our friends at Perdue Farms have been hard at work gathering a selection of premium products and all-time favorites that are sure to please the entire family! Perdue learned that over the course of several years, they have been committed to being careful stewards of the company's core values. A purchase through links supports this site review. Perdue is a leader in raising animals with a diet free from animal by-products and no-antibiotics-ever chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb and USDA-certified organic chicken. But, it is more than just buying proteins online, much more.

When it comes to antibiotics, they continue to say no, with a no Antibiotics Ever brands. Now in their second century of business, they proudly lead the industry in animal welfare. Our 2016 announcement that Perdue converted all of the chicken production to a no-antibiotics-ever program remains the tipping point that moved no-antibiotics-ever into the mainstream and pioneered the industry to follow. Perdue family farmers raise more than 25% of our chickens with outdoor access to meet free-range standards, including windows in the barns, environmental enrichments, and safe outdoor access, for this reason I would choose the Organic Bundle – Large from Perdue Farms every time.


Perdue Farms' most popular organic chicken products in one handy pack


Perdue Features

  • USDA organic chicken, organic to us is much more than a product claim.
  • Organic certification covers not only the end product, but every step in the process.
  • Feed and free-range farms with pastures – all the way to market.
  • Through Perdue AgriBusiness, they have direct access to organic grains and soy.
  • Shipped fast.
  • Third-party testing at origination and destination and documentation requirements that exceed those of the USDA.

My Review of Organic Bundle – Large

The chicken ordered was tender and juicer than store bought, and the flavor was great. Like when I lived on a farm as a child and we raised our chickens to eat. I had not bought chicken in a store for some time because of the taste. A friend told me about Perdue Farms. We will always buy from them for our chicken from now on! Get the pictured Perdue Farms Organic Bundle – Large (Aff), or see all Perdue Farms offerings Perdue Farms. Really nice chicken. I was looking for a brand I could trust especially since I had concerns in the type of water my chicken was water chilled. It's an added bonus that they are organic. Ordering was easy and they came quickly. Get the flavor of choice you won't regret it and you'll crave it. Highly recommended!

  • The quality and freshness undeniably excellent.
  • Low acidity.
  • Their shopping experience is simple and effective.
  • Full-flavor.
  • Organic certified.
  • The price of many cuts is above average.
  • Bags can be hard to open.
Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of whether or not to try Perdue Farms, for sure worth ordering at some point. I’d say that the folks at Perdue Farms are on to something here. Be sure to visit them at Perdue Farms

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