What's cooking Rick may sound like I could be a professional chef or cooking expert who knows what he’s talking about but truthfully, I’m just another home cook wading through the culinary trenches trying not to get lost. It all started back while traveling around the country for work.

By day, I was a 9 – 5'er out there to make a buck, but on nights and weekends it was all about being in the kitchen with some decent wine, good food and friends.

I learned early on that I enjoy good food. So, either I would have to make a ton of money to go out and pay for expensive meals night after night, or I would have to learn to cook these meals myself. After being inspired by a lot of talented friends and collegues, I decided to teach myself how to cook.

No culinary school, no cooking classes, no fancy kitchen equipment. In the kitchen I would see winners and losers, but never afraid to make mistakes. To this day, those mistakes and adjusting to what I like was and still is my education.

I discovered I could make great, restaurant quality food at home for a lot less money than eating out. It probably won’t happen every night, but every once in a while you’ll make one of those “as good as it gets” meals. One crucial thing I learned back then that still holds true today is that gourmet food is more about finding your palette pleaser, using best ingredients available in budget, cooking them properly and keeping it simple.

Why Build a Web site?

When I first began cooking, cookbooks would confuse me. I would read a recipe and wouldn’t have a clue what some of the cooking terms meant – deglaze, fond, julienne – and have to look them up and this was before everything was on the Internet. These cookbooks and cooking magazines I depended on were written by professionals and I don’t think they were interested in the Novice home cook.

I am truly lucky to have been able to find something I love to do and be able to share it with so many. Thank you for all your support.

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