Our recipes are designed to be fixed quickly, with only a few minutes of hands-on prep.  Because the recipes use common pantry ingredients, it’s likely that you have everything you need to make many of the recipes.

I love using the slow cooker and I bet you do too.  It’s a great feeling to know you’ve loaded it up in the morning and dinner will be ready when you get home.
I also love quick meals that can be on the table in just 15 minutes.  When everyone is hungry and time is short, these are my go-to meals.

And there’s nothing like the convenience of printing of a menu and grocery list, without having to do the planning for it.  We offer our Weekly Meal Plans in both Traditional Plans, Slow Cooker and Whole Foods Plans. You can even choose the size that’s right for your family.  Shopping with these lists saves me both time and money.

I hope you’ll hang out here with us, gather some new recipes and let me know how you and your family love WhatsCookingRick for the same reasons it was founded: saving time, reduce waste, and most importantly, bringing family together for a home-cooked meals.

MasterClass Aaron Franklin