Sumatran Dark Roast Coffee, Mandheling Reserve – USDA Organic


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Sumatran Dark Roast Coffee – Mandheling Reserve is the dark-roasted version of this rare Indonesian coffee. Delightfully smooth with a rich, heavy body, low acidity, an exotic flavor with an intense syrupy aftertaste, and an earthy richness, it is a highly valued brew. This version is dark roasted to bring out a different, more potent taste. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. Certifications: Fair Trade Certified Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, and a Winey Clean Aftertaste Processing: Washed Process Roast: Dark Roast Additional Information: Country: Indonesia Drying: Sun Dry Process Farm: Various Smallholder Farms Low Acidity: The process for developing a lower acid (or more basic) with our Sumatran Dark Roast Coffee – Mandheling Reserve involves roasting beans that are naturally lower in acid, for longer periods of time. This ensures that the acidic components of the coffee are processed out and result in a higher pH. pH: 5.6 Low Acid Coffee Single Origin Coffee Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee Coffees that hail from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia have some of the best growing conditions for coffee, especially for dark roasts. With rich, volcanic soil filled with plenty of nitrogenous and other great nutrients suited best to grow coffee, Sumatra coffee€™s rich bold flavor offers earthy and chocolate notes that are often best enjoyed as a dark roast. Whereas a lot of other coffee growing producers from around the world have specialized in processing their coffee using washed processing, Sumatra is unique for continuous use of wet-hull processing. The driving factors as to why Sumatran coffee farmers use wet-hull processing are environmental and monetary. On the one hand, Sumatra€™s weather is often rainy and humid, which makes it difficult to dry the coffee out in the sun, as most coffee producers do in Central and South America. And on the other hand, drying out the coffee to be prepared to ship to mills, distributors, and exporters is a long and arduous process, usually taking anywhere from 2-3 months in the best of conditions. All in all, it simply makes more sense for farmers in Sumatra to process their coffee using the wet-hulling method, which ultimately leads to the taste profile we€™ve all grown to love and know within coffee from the region. Roasting Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee While there have been those that purchase large quantities of Sumatran coffee and simply roast it all dark to hide some of the more glaring faults in the beans, we here at Volcanica purchase only the best Sumatran coffee for our Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee Reserve and have designed a roast profile uniquely equipped to bring out the subtle spices and aromas within our Sumatra coffee as a way to enhance the flavor profile rather than hide something. Our roast profile for our Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee is longer than our regular Sumatra Mandheling in order to slowly develop a mature taste profile that isn€™t burnt or too bitter but rather showcases an array of sweet, flavorful tones bursting through each cup, as notes of brown sugar, dried apricot, and cocoa wash over the palate. Whether you€™re a lover of dark roast or a lover of Sumatra and/or Indonesian coffees, we believe you€™ll find something to cherish in our one-of-a-kind Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee Reserve.