Sumatra Mandheling Coffee 16 oz


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Sumatra Mandheling Coffee is a rare Indonesian coffee that is delightfully smooth with a rich heavy body, low acidity and an exotic flavor with an intense syrupy aftertaste and an earthy richness. Organic Fair Trade Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Shade Grown Medium roast. We also offer Sumatra Mandheling in Decaf Coffee. Sumatra Coffee is Highly Prized Beans from Sumatra have always been highly prized not only because of their full flavor, but also because of their distinct appearance. Sumatran coffee beans, when green, are often asymmetrical in shape and have a deep aquamarine tint. Beginning in the 18th Century when the popularity of Sumatran coffee raised significantly, the unique shape and hue helped European merchants recognize authentic Sumatran coffee beans. Sumatra Mandheling Coffees Discriminating coffee drinkers have long placed Sumatra coffee at the top of the list of the best coffees in the world. Sumatra coffee from Indonesia has one of the most distinct characteristics of all origin coffees. Coffee experts would agree that it earthy, pungent, and deep character results less from the botanical variety of the beans or the area where it is grown than from the unusual method of processing. Sumatra coffee is always processed both wet and dry, unlike most other coffees that are processed either dry or wet. In wet processing, the pulp is removed from the coffee cherry before the beans are dried. During the dry processing, the