Malawi Peaberry Coffee 16 oz


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Malawi Coffee as known as Malawio Mapanga AA Coffee characteristics are similar to others from East Africa is smooth and full bodied. This Malawi peaberry estate coffee embody a softer, more floral version: delicate,  sweet and shyly bright. The subtropical climate with rich clay minerals produce a soft floral tones and notes of spice and chocolate with a caramelized tangerine zest. Medium roast Roasted when you place your order 100% Peaberry Coffee Beans . Where does Malawi Peaberry Coffee Originate? Malawi is a small country whose borders meander to the north and south between Mozambique and Zambia in southeastern Africa. Often considered to lie in the shadow of good Kenyane and Tanzanian coffees. The slow maturity at an elevation of over 6,500 feet gives it a unique profile giving the beans a creamy body with less acidity than other coffees from neighboring countries. The Malawi Coffee has a very limited production.