Maui Moka


Maui Moka comes from coffee trees first commercialized almost 1,000 years ago in Yemen. This exotic Moka varietal, from the original Aribia Felix (grown in the birthplace of all coffee) is now grown in limited quantities high above the white sand beaches, on the gentle slopes of the West Maui Mountains.

Moka’s tiny beans, often mistaken for peaberry due to their small size, have long fascinated coffee aficionados. Coffee experts are predicting that the unique flavor of the Moka bean has the potential to establish the Maui area as a recognized specialty coffee region, similar to Kona.

This coffee has very moderate acidity, with an Afro-Arabian fruit and chocolate cup character. Brewed in a standard drip coffee maker, you’ll notice the chocolate & fruit taste most prominently. A French press brings out a deep smokey chocolate nose and flavor.

Please note; this is not a flavored coffee. It is a descendant of the Yemen Mokka varietal and has an all natural flavor reminiscent of chocolate and fruit that made Yemeni Coffees famous centuries ago, and still today.

Limited Edition Coffee

Roast Type: Medium Roast
Blend Type: 100% Maui Moka

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