Kona Peaberry Coffee – Gran Reserve 16 oz


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Kona Peaberry Coffee beans with a deep and rich volcanic flavor. The champagne of Kona coffee. This is Peaberry Kona Coffee with a flavor that can be described as smooth, nutty and luscious with an intense aroma. Rated as a Top 10 Coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in 2006. Medium roast Roasted when you place your order 100% Peaberry Coffee Beans Shade grown Kona Peaberry Coffee – Gran Reserve Kona Coffee: A rich luscious full bodied taste from the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii with its rich soil, sunny mornings and abundant rainfall. This is 100% pure Kona Peaberry coffee beans, don't get fooled into buying Kona blends that sometimes combine the price tag of the real thing with less than stellar-quality beans from other sources. Kona Peaberry Coffee These are Kona Peaberry estate Kona coffee beans, the most exclusive of all the Kona coffees with only 5% of the crop producing Peaberry, highly prized for its smooth, full flavor and low acid content. A favorite among tasters, the flavor in these small beans is simply more concentrated so the Kona coffee flavor jumps right out at you! Awarded a top ten ranking as one of the finest coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in March, 2006. Grown on small Kona coffee farms with only the finest beans selected. We pay our farming partners a fair trade coffee price that exceeds their cost of production. The extra care taken with this rare coffee bean that is hand-picked and the pride of less than 600 working Farms. Our packaging pro