Komodo Dragon Coffee


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Komodo Dragon Coffee is a fine low acid coffee with tastes of fresh tobacco, cocoa, and floral notes. Farmed on the small Indonesian island called Flores which is 200 miles east of Bali, and named after the Komodo Dragon, or the world's largest wild roaming lizards, this coffee is known for its exciting exotic reputation. Flores Island is filled with rugged terrain consisting of volcanoes and mountains with elevations as high as 8,000 feet. These drastic spaces, as well as the abundant volcanic soils, create ideal fertile growing conditions for this amazing Komodo Dragon Coffee. Volcanica Komodo Dragon Coffee is 100% pure without any added blends used by other coffee roasters. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. Certifications: Rainforest Alliance Certified Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Fresh Tobacco, Cocoa, and Floral Notes Processing: Semi-Washed Process Roast: Medium Roast Additional Information: Drying: Raised Beds (A natural drying process that results in a sweeter, more floral flavor) Low Acidity: Developing a lower acid (or more basic) coffee blend involves roasting beans that are naturally lower in acid for longer periods. This ensures that the acidic components of the coffee are processed out and result in a higher pH. pH: 5.1 Low Acid Coffee Single Origin Coffee Semi-Washed Process: What is the semi-washed process? Semi-washed processing also referred to as wet hull processing, is when coffee beans are de-pulped, partially fermented, and dried while covered with mucilage. The Komodo Dragon Coffee is dried, and then the beans are then hulled or milled. The moisture and drying balance is later continued, which produces deep green and blue colors. This method also provides a heavy body with low acid content for processed coffee.