Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy 16 oz


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Full and rich Kona flavor from the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Kona Coffee is very flavorful and full-bodied, a rich coffee with a mellow straightforward character. A delicious taste that is low in acid with a heady aroma and a complex rich and winy taste.  Medium roast Roasted when you place your order Shade grown Hawaiian Kona Coffee: Hawaiian Kona Coffee is made up of smaller gourmet coffee beans than other gourmet coffee varieties and has a very rich taste. This is 100% pure Kona Coffee not to be confused with other misleading brands that pretend to be pure but are actually Kona Blends. We recently changed the name of this coffee from Kona Gold because the grade of coffee was upgraded to an Extra Fancy variety. Hawaiian Kona Coffee is grown on the dark volcanic lava rock slopes of Kona, a district for which it gets its name from, located on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Coffee grown in Kona is special because of the magical diurnal cycle of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons, and mild nights create perfect growing conditions for exotic plants to flourish. The trees thrive on the volcanic rocky land, and mild frost-free temperatures. The Kona Coast has rich volcanic soils, almost always-sunny mornings and cloud covered afternoons with showers. For years Hawaiian Kona coffee growers have recognized this area in all the islands as being a perfect growing condition for gourmet coffee beans. Located on the Kona Hawaiian coast, at an ideal 1,500 to 2