Haiti Zombie Desert Coffee


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Haiti Zombie Desert Coffee is named after Savane Zombi, a coffee-producing town in Haiti, this medium roasted Haitian Blue produces a super nutty and consistent taste that will you wanting more! Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Creamy body, hazelnut, with a smooth finish Varietal: Typica Processing: Washed Processed Drying: Patio Dried Altitude: 4,000 Ft Roast: Medium Roast Despite its seemingly spooky name, Zombie Desert coffee is nothing to be afraid of. Instead, Haiti€™s Zombie Desert Coffee takes its name from the coffee-growing town in Haiti called Savane Zombi. There are quite a few urban legends that state witch doctors used to raise the dead during voodoo rituals that they controlled. While the legends may not be true, Savane Zombi is approximately 40 miles from Port-au-Prince, the country€™s capital, and sits near the border of the Dominican Republic. The island€™s nitrogenous rich soil provides the coffee beans€™ unique nutty flavors reminiscent of macadamia nuts and cocoa. This one of a kind Haitian coffee has a smooth, full-body taste with little acidity, though a subtle sweetness in its finish. Zombie Desert coffee has a rich creaminess of spices and earthy tones that will keep you coming back for another cup. And while it may not be the scariest cup of coffee you€™ve ever tasted, Zombie Desert coffee is spooktacularly great! A Small History of Haiti€™s Coffee Industry Coffee has played an integral role in Haiti's history and development, at times one of difficulty, though also one of incredible resilience that has encapsulated the Haitian people€™s spirit in strength. Most experts tend to agree that coffee found its way to the island of Haiti from another French island colony, Martinique, in the early 18th century. Coffee became a huge portion of Haiti€™s exports, reaching a peak by around 1788 by producing nearly 60% of the world€™s coffee. Despite this feat, though, it should be acknowledged that Haiti€™s labor was exploited and compelled through slavery and violence. When Haiti€™s people successfully gained their independence in 1804 through a slave rebellion that began in 1791, becoming the first republic born of a slave rebellion to dawn in a new era, the country was unfortunately ostracized from the rest of world, especially Western countries still unwilling and unenlightened to accept the independence of a former slave nation. This unofficial embargo on Haiti deprived the world of some of the greatest coffee for over 100 years, before Haiti experienced another boom in coffee exports by the 1940s, eventually producing over a third of the entire world€™s coffee during that time. However, when the autocratic Francois Duvalier became Haiti€™s president in 1957, coffee production suffered yet again, though this time internally from Duvalier€™s and his son€™s regime's brutal despotic rule that by some estimates killed close to 600,000 dissidents and citizens. Natural disasters that occurred throughout the mid-to-late 20th century would further devastate Haiti€™s coffee economy, until by the mid-1990s when the Federation Des Associations Cafeieres Natives (FACN) was created and bought coffee from smallholder producers to then mill, sort, and process the country€™s coffee as a way to uplift farmers and provide them with better prices by getting their coffee to the market. The FACN, however, was not without its issues, and over the years was mismanaged to the point of bankruptcy of the organization. To this day, the Haiti coffee industry feels the pressure of the environment more harshly than most. Due to continuous natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, Haiti produces a small fraction of coffee from its former glory. But despite that, Haiti€™s coffee still holds a rich history that is highlighted in the taste profile that is certain to delight you with its soft nutmeg spices and velvety smooth nut butter finish we€™re sure you€™ll enjoy.