Espresso Dark Roast Coffee


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The Espresso Dark Roast Coffee is a perfectly balanced coffee with a dense caramel-like sweetness, signature intensity, light acidity, and a complex spicy aroma that will engage all your senses. These are oily beans and not recommended for use in super-automatic espresso coffee makers. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. Certifications: Kosher Certified Flavor Notes: Sweet Caramel, Signature Dense Intensity, Light Acidity, and Spice Processing: Washed Process< Roast: Dark Roast Additional Information: pH: 5.4 Low Acid Coffee A Compact History of Espresso Dark Roast Coffee At the turn of the 20th century and the peak of the Industrial Revolution, people loved coffee and couldn€™t get enough of it. If anything, the problem was trying to get consumers enough coffee in as efficient and quick enough manner as possible. And with that simple idea, an Italian inventor by the name of Luigi Bezzera patented what would eventually be known the world over as the espresso machine: a steam-powered machine that made a quick cup of coffee that would forever redefine coffee culture in Italy and the world. Over a century later, several hundred espresso machines, over several trillion espresso shots, and a staggering amount of advancements in espresso technology and craft has come along to make espresso quicker, better, and ubiquitous. Whereas it was a novel idea that espresso was presented at the 1906 World Expo in Milan to an international audience for the first time, now espresso bars, cafes, and shops are in most cities, small and big, and has even grown in popularity that now they have espresso machines for home use, too. Espresso is irrevocably linked to modern-day coffee culture and has redefined many times over how we enjoy coffee, and we continue to learn newer and better ways to consume it. While there are probably quite a few different definitions of espresso, not to mention the best machines, methods, and approaches to espresso, the basics of the root€™s of espresso roasts are massive pressure being applied to finely ground coffee, typically roasted dark, to produce a concentration of coffee usually no more than 2-6oz. in a short amount of time. While Mr. Bezzera is credited with making the first espresso machine, espresso did not look like it does today (with the traditional body, crema, and heart composition) until 1938, when Achille Gaggia developed a spring-piston espresso controlled machine that allowed better control from the barista and created espresso craft for the first time. This new development meant espresso no longer had to be as bitter and burnt tasting and truly opened the floodgates of what espresso could accomplish on the taste buds. So from cappuccino to flat white and beyond, espresso beverages have been fully ingrained the world over for their sweet taste and quick pick-me-up quality. The third and now fourth wave of coffee has brought espresso into the 21st century with a renewed vigor that is constantly expanding, surprising, and delighting coffee drinkers with the wonders that lie in such a small, compact beverage. Taste Nuances of Volcanica€™s Espresso Dark Roast Coffee Our traditional espresso blend is roasted dark to bring out a sweet caramel flavor with dense spices, like nutmeg and clove, and pairs perfectly with your choice of milk and a delicious croissant. We use a blend of South and Central American coffees that come together beautifully in an intentional way to create a robust flavor profile that can pair well with any dairy, flavor, and any other options you can think of to add to your espresso shot. It€™s a delicate balance our espresso dark roast plays between, providing a pronounced and present taste while also being able to pair well with many different components to create the perfect latte, cappuccino, cortado, or whatever else you could imagine. Each origin within our espresso dark roast coffee plays a key role in bringing out a bright yet rich espresso shot that has balanced acidity, a thick layer of crema on top, and notes of caramel and cocoa that blends together to start your morning off right...and well-caffeinated.