Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve


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Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve comes from one of the most highly regarded coffee-growing areas. Costa Rican Coffee from the Tarrazu region is known as one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavor, and wonderful fragrance. Master roasted to a full roast color until the sheen of natural oils comes to the surface, this is the Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve at its best. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. Certifications: Kosher Certified Rain Forest Alliance Certified Flavor Notes: Nuts, Honey, and Caramel Processing: Washed Process Roast: Dark Roast Additional Information: Drying: Patio and Mechanical pH: 5.4 Low Acid Coffee Similar Products: Costa Rica Original Tarrazu is also available in Decaf Single Origin Coffee Certifying Authenticity of Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve is one of the world's greatest gourmet coffees with its full-bodied richness with excellent acidity. Authentic Costa Rica Reserve Tarrazu should have an unusually silky flavor, a bold taste, and a beguiling aroma that creates an outstandingly eloquent profile. 100% pure arabica Costa Rica Tarrazu gourmet coffee is usually difficult to find in the market, and many others are usually blends that are being misleadingly advertised. There are actually no government regulations requiring roasters to be legitimate when they brand coffees as Tarrazu, and only about 5% of actual Tarrazu grown beans are actually included in some of the so-called Tarrazu coffee. Lower Costa Rican coffee grades are usually mixed in to be called “Tarrazu coffee€ when in reality these should be called blends. To ensure a high quality product, it is important to provide as many quality safeguards as necessary to harvest and roast the top of the Tarrazu highland coffee. Only coffees that are farmed and packaged in the Costa Rican coffee Tarrazu Valley around the town of San Marcos can be safely called €œOriginal 100% pure arabica Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu€. Farm and Processing of Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve Costa Rica€™s near-perfect growing conditions set by its rich volcanic soil and high-altitude mild climate directly contribute to its reputation for world-renowned coffee. The higher altitudes that these Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve coffee beans are grown assist in the development of a much better product, not only because they have the effect of increasing the acidity of the bean and thereby improving the flavor, but also because the cold nights that occur at the higher altitudes mean that the trees develop more slowly, leading to a fuller palette. The regular rainfall caused by precipitation at the higher altitudes is also essential for the proper development of the arabica trees. Grown on small Costa Rica coffee farms with only the finest beans being selected, the coffee is sun-dried and of the highest quality and prestige found in the market. The Tarrazu highland farms have expert agriculturists with over a century of experience in harvesting and processing. Located up the Pirris River basin of the Tarrazu Highlands, the county estates produce Cost Rican Dark Roast Coffee – Reserve with Tarrazu character.