Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee, Cup of Excellence #14


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Fazenda Santa Ines' Brazil Yellow Bourbon Natural is a remarkable coffee that won the 14th Brazil Cup of Excellence with an impressive score of 87.75 by the SCAA. The farm, located in the municipality of São Sebastião da Grama, in the South of Minas Gerais, was acquired by Grupo Sertão in 1979. The group invested in new fields, concrete patios, and processing machinery to produce the highest quality coffee possible.The farm takes great care in planting the fields with diversified varieties, choosing seeds and seedlings with the help of trained agronomists according to the soil. The harvest is done entirely by hand over cloths to prevent any loss of quality. The beans are then washed, pulped, and spread for drying to obtain a high-quality product.Grupo Sertão is dedicated to preserving the environment by maintaining large areas of native forests and springs. They also prioritize the social welfare of their workers by providing complete infrastructure, including running water, electricity, and a sewer system. Moreover, they have built football pitches, a sand court, and a mesh court for leisure and sports for the workers and their families.The group continues to make improvements in the quality of its coffee and has installed a coffee pulper, expanded patios, and added more rest boxes and granaries. They believe in producing excellent coffee quality and differentiated flavors in the cup of the general population. Their hard work has paid off, and the farm has received awards from BSCA and Illy, highlighting the results of their dedication to coffee quality standards. Certifications: Kosher Certified Cup of Excellence 2023 Winner – #14 Varietal: Yellow Bourbon Flavor Notes: Bergamot Earl Grey Winey Roast: Light Roast Processing: Natural Process Coffee Drying: African-Raised Beds Farm: Fazenda Santa Ines' Country: Brazil Region: São Sebastião da Grama