Exotic Coffee Tea Gift Basket


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A coffee gift basket is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Each gourmet coffee gift basket contains nice treats such as a Wicked Jacks Tavern Rum Cake, an assortment of Fine Teas, two Biscotti's and two chocolate spoons in a beautiful basket wrapped in cellophane and ribbons. We offer a variety of coffee gift baskets for different coffee aficionados and budgets. Each coffee gift basket includes one of each of the finest Volcanica Coffees: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Sulawesi Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Costa Rican Reserve Coffee Expand Your Horizons with Exotic Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets Individuals who buy coffee gift baskets from us tend to keep an eye out for the unusual and memorable. One of the most sought-after and expensive coffees in the world, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee hardly needs any introduction. The Blue Mountain range, one of the highest in the Caribbean region, its cool climate and generous rainfall, coupled with excellent soil drainage are considered an ideal coffee cultivation location. Noted for its mild, clean taste and lack of bitterness, the flavor of this coffee is praised for its bold, rich smoothness. Any self-respecting aficionado would be quick to include Sulawesi coffee in his or her coffee gift basket. Also known as Celebes Kalossi coffee for the Celebes islands on which it's grown, this coffee is known for its low acidity and heavy-bodied, intense and earthy flavor. Although the chocolate notes in its tastes lend it a similar