Cameroon Coffee 16 oz


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Cameroon Coffee Boyo is organically grown in dark, nutrient rich volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet. This family owned estate boasts daily doses of brilliant sunshine which allow the coffee berries to quickly attain their optimal sugar content. This is the secret to the aromatic, mellow, and rich full bodied Cameroon Boyo Coffee. Everything is processed by hand to ensure each bean is picked at the right ripening. Farmers manually carry the heavy Cameroon Coffee bags on their heads from side of the estate to the other. This is the secret to this mellow, aromatic, and rich full bodied Boyo Coffee. “Mama” the owner of this estate, gifted us with her presence here at the warehouse. She was an amazing person to speak with. She told us how everything is processed by hand on her estate, to ensure each bean is picked at the right ripening. Mama described the farmers carrying bags of heavy weight coffee on their heads to transport from side of the estate to the other. We sat in awe as she spoke about her family ’s estate and what it meant to her. Having the opportunity to buy Mama’s coffee is an honor for us, and knowing that you love her estate is a true honor to the Boyo Family Estate. Organic Medium Roast Roasted when you place your order. Buy Cameroon Coffee from Volcanica Coffee. We offerCameroon Coffee for sale across the USA and Canada.