American Wagyu Bavette


The bavette is a lesser-known cut every steak lover needs to know. Popular with Asian, Latin American, and French chefs who love its full-bodied beef flavor, it’s grown in popularity here in the U.S. Our American Wagyu bavette is packed with more marbling and richness. Average weight: 1.5 lbs. Purchase American Wagyu Bavette from Snake River Farms through these links and support this site. Get American Wagyu Bavette today. Click Buy Now.

Also, know as the less flattering name “flap meat,” this is a steak worth exploring. Like skirt steak, the bavette has a pronounced grain and it’s critical to cut against the grain. Bavette loves high heat so sear on a hot grill or cast iron pan and serve medium-rare. This delicious cut loves to be marinated, so feel free to use your favorite profile for a delectable meal.

The bavette is cut from an irregular shaped section of beef so each one is a little different. No matter what shape, this is a butcher’s secret to be enjoyed.

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American Wagyu Bavette is a lesser-known steak cut with full-bodied flavor.

Pioneering Quality Beef

Wagyu and high-quality cattle were first bred in the late 1980s, and they knew this was something special in its deep flavor and sublime marbling. Snake River Farms and Double D Ranch have been mastering that prized combination ever since. It is more work that takes precision, genetic mastery, and a dedication to unending refinement and innovation. They control the entire supply chain, from the ranches where cattle are raised to the humane processing facility to the in-house customer care team. It would be easy to outsource but being a pioneer does not mean taking the easy way. It means doing work the right way.

Aging Beef

All Snake River Farms and Double D Ranch products are aged to maximize the flavor and texture of our beef. They employ two different methods:


A technique where subprimal cuts of beef are vacuum-sealed and allowed to rest in refrigeration for a minimum of 21 days. Natural enzymes tenderize the beef and allow deeper flavors to develop. The product is not exposed to the air, so there is no weight loss. Our products are all wet-aged 21 days or more before they are packaged and shipped.


A unique process where beef subprimal is placed in a carefully controlled environment in order to intensify their natural flavor and make them more tender. All products are dry-aged a minimum of 45 days which is the minimum amount of time to enhance the flavor.

How are the animals fed?

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef cattle are grass and hay fed on pasture for the first year of their life. They are then fed a sustainable diet of hay, forages, as well as potatoes, vitamins, and minerals. SRF cattle will never receive any growth agents or growth-promoting hormones.