100% Sumatran Medium Roast Coffee


The roasted qualities of Sumatra Coffee Beans have gained international attention. LION Sumatra Coffee is a medium roast made with the finest selection of Sumatra Coffee Beans. Considered the ‘Merlot’ of coffee due to its strong, heavy, syrupy body, our Sumatra Coffee has a warm and earthy texture with a subtle hint of pecan.

Roast Type: Medium Roast
Blend Type: 100% Sumatran Coffee

The Hawaii Coffee Company is one of the oldest coffee companies in the world. Launched in 1864, this well-known coffee company has been using regal standards by selecting, roasting, and serving their coffees. To ensure their customers receive the freshest coffee possible, all processing is a small batch. Today, they offer up their Coffee Club, which allows you to pick from their most refined coffees, mix-and-match favorites, and have them delivered as often as you like so that you can always enjoy Hawaii Coffee Company regardless of where you live. Purchase here through these links may pay me a small commission, which allows me to support my blog and website. Hawaii Coffee Company specializes in Kona Coffee, one of the most refined coffees on the globe. They handle the growing and roasting something other coffee clubs cannot offer.

Purchase 100% Sumatran Medium Roast Coffee today, Click Buy Now.


Purchase 100% Sumatran Medium Roast Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Company through links and I may recieve a commission. Get 100% Sumatran Medium Roast Coffee today.Click Buy Now.