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Absinthe Angelique Verte Suisse Review

absinthe angelique verte suisse

Absinthe from Switzerland

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Swiss absinthe is all high quality, and the country has a legal definition of absinthe. The most common Swiss absinthe, known as La Bleue, is clear. That Swiss absinthe tends to be white is not at all down to chance, but for a very good and surprising reason: That is – absinthe was banned, and the people in the Val de Travers, the centre of the absinthe world, refused to give up their absinthe and started distilling it illegally at home. Clear liquid was easier to disguise than green.

Absinthe originally comes from Switzerland. As of the XVIIIth century in Couvet, Switzerland, Henriette Henriod, know as the Mère Henriod, started producing an absinthe elixir used against number of diseases.


A full flavour and complex aromatic palate define Angelique Verte Suisse. Something a bit different.

Angelique</strong …

The various types of Absinthe offered.

Green Absinthe
Clear Absinthe
Red Absinthe
Vintage Absinthe
Non Traditional Absinthe
Absinthe Spoons
Absinthe Glasses
Herbal Liqueur

Absinthe taste

There are a lot of different types of absinthe, and you can easily feel overwhelmed by the broad range of choices. However, to be considered an absinthe, all these spirits must fulfill the following criteria:

  • To be refreshing.
  • To remind you of the smell of an Alpine field by revealing a complex, floral and spicy notes.
  • To taste well balanced, and highlight the herbal flavors.
  • To taste bitter, but then again, not too much.
  • To have the flavor of aniseed, yet not overpower other scents.

History of Swiss absinthe.

The popularity of this drink grew rapidly. Having noticed that, major Dubied bought the recipe and partnered with his son-in-law Henri-Louis Pernod with who he opened the company Dubied Pere & Fils in 1798. When he saw the business was working well, Henri-Louis Pernod decided to open a company of his own. He created his first distillery in Couvet, but when it became too small for him he crossed the border line and opened the first French distillery: the Pernod Fils company. By doing that, Pernod forged an inextricable link between his name and absinthe forever.

Absinthe was then a victim of its own success. Various incidents convinced the lawmakers that absinthe was dangerous enough to be forbidden, and on October the 7th 1910, absinthe was banned in Switzerland (following the lead of Belgium, Brazil and the Netherlands). Soon after that, the air of the countryside was filled with a smell of burnt tires. The clandestine distillers had found a good way of hiding the characteristic smell of the cooking of absinthe. That is why between its ban and its re-legalisation (2005), absinthe never stopped existing in Switzerland!

There are three different ways to make absinthe


  • Through distillation of aromatic plants, which are first macerated in alcohol
  • By mixing herbal essences with alcohol
  • By macerating aromatic plants in alcohol

Absinthe in Switzerland Today
On March the 1st 2005, absinthe was finally legal again in Switzerland, after 95 years of clandestine production and an untold number of bottles sold under the table. Since then, quite a few former clandestine distillers and their relatives have started distilling legally, including Gaudentia Persoz, Claude-Alain Bugnon, and Philippe Martin of La Valote. For more, shop a wide selection of Absinthe's from

The fact that Swiss absinthe is doing so well proves that its quality is recognized and appreciated. The credit goes to the Val-de-Travers, cradle of birth of this delicious beverage.

Swiss absinthe is among the team's favourites!

My Review of Absinthe Angelique Verte Suisse

I too love the Swiss absinthe. This is the go to absinthe for parties and corporate events. The Swiss Aabsinthe is my favorite of all. I’ve had several different brands but this one is he best. It’s hard to find good bottles here in the states so is my European connection. Just as pictured! First of all, you get a quick delivery, so order yours today! Get the pictured absinthe Absinthe Angelique Verte Suisse (Aff), or see all absinthe Absinthe. Really nice, customer service is what keeps me coming back. If you really want to appreciate an absinthe, spend some of time with the magical SLOW water drops ritual. It makes a huge difference. Of course, this one is perfect for such a good experience! Not for the faint of heart! I was pleasantly surprised with this product in that after being mixed with water It did not have The strong alcohol sting that I expected and went down very easy. Take the time to watch the magic of the louche, use a fountain with a slow drip. This absinthe is fairly sweet on it's own or try a cube of sugar, remember use a mixing spoon before drinking sugar in cold water needs a good stir. This absinthe has a wonderful aroma upon opening and in the preparation. Definitely will be purchased again due to those highlights. Surprisingly, it has some depth to it. This is an excellent, well rounded and balanced absinthe. Drinking it evokes the feeling and atmosphere of an Alpine field in spring where everything is clean, fresh and green.. Highly recommended!


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